Valhalla Town Square Condos

Valhalla Town Square Condos

Valhalla Town Square Condos

The Valhalla Town Square condos are modern-day colossuses that tower over Gibbons Street. When completed, a brainchild of Edilcan Development corporation, The Valhalla Town Square, will be 6.6 acres, mixed-use residential community. It features easy to use paths, a rich environment, stores, cafes, and a richly landscaped environment, essential for urban living.

The iconic towers, the podiums, and the central square together form a vibrant destination known for animating the community day and night. Condominium lovers will be pleased to know that Valhalla Town Square will offer sleek and contemporary habitation that conforms with modern standards for them.

Furthermore, Valhalla Town Square offers 14 appointed townhomes, all bearing the Edilcan’s signature amenities and convenient shopping with an arm’s reach.

Valhalla Town Square Condos


Valhalla Town Square is a condominium ground with exquisite designs. When finished, the park and outside door space will include lush gardens, children’s play spaces, dog parks, a romantic walk-way as well as a podium. Jutting over the skyline, the Valhalla Town Square will a three-phased tower designed to feature curved glasses and engineered bricks, all aimed at adding a touch of sophistication.

Furthermore, the layout will include single to three-bedroom suites and walk-in closets for buyers who desire large storage spaces. There will be exquisite interior and exterior design to add elegance throughout.


Deluxe suites will be available. These include 1-bedroom, 1- bedroom with den, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom units. Furthermore, you will have access to a parking space included with the price for all suites.

There will be high-speed internet for free,  gourmet kitchens equipped with sleek accessories, a terrace, a library, a yoga studio, a concierge, a library, a rooftop deck, playgrounds, dining halls, a gym, and kid zones. All suites will be provided with a balcony for impressive views.

Valhalla Town Square Condos

Transit Options

Transportation is top-notch. Little wonder the Valhalla scores highly in its transit scores. To travel, you need to spend a maximum of 10 minutes from your home to the GO Trains. Furthermore, there are highways 401 and 427 that allow a seamless ride in and outside the city.


The condos are near a region witnessing commercial and residential growth. Furthermore, one can easily access the location. There are highways, shopping centers, and green spaces abound in the area. It’s expected why investors are flocking into this area to carve a slice for themselves.


  • 33 stories
  • 1500 suites
  • 1368- 1368 sq ft
  • Designed by page Steele IBI group architects
  • Cost price range is $950,000 for available units.
  • The maintenance cost is $0.50 per sqft per month.
  • Storage costs are $6,000.
  • Valhalla Town Square Condos

Deposit structure

The deposit structure involves $10,000 with an agreement balance.

  • Balance to 5% in 30 days.
  • 5% in 90 days.
  • 5% in 240 days.


Valhalla Town Square Condos will redefine condo living as we see it. From its exquisite designs, convenient location, and straightforward pricing options, you can deduce you are in for a time of your life. If you are an ardent condo lover, this is your opportunity to get a slice for yourself. Valhalla Town Square condo will be a beacon of architectural excellence, comfort living, and space on completion.